Bluffy Lake Lodge Availability

Cabin Availability

This page has been updated on May 14, 2023.

X = rented
Tentative = please call, might be available

2023 CalendarBear DenWalleye ShackSkunk HollowNorthern OutbackEagles Nest
May 20-26XUnder constructionXX
May 27-June 2 Memorial WeekXUnder construction
June 3-June 9XUnder constructionXX
June 10-June 16XUnder constructionXXX
June 17-June 23XUnder constructionXX
June 24-June 30XUnder constructionXXX
July 1-July 7XUnder constructionXX
July 8-July 14XUnder construction
July 15-July 21Under constructionX
July 22-July 28XUnder constructionXX
July 29-Aug. 4XUnder constructionXXX
Aug. 5-Aug. 11XUnder constructionXXX
Aug. 12-Aug. 18XUnder constructionXX
Aug. 19-Aug. 25XUnder constructionXXX
Aug. 26-Sept. 1XUnder constructionXX
Sept. 2-Sept. 8 XUnder construction
Sept 9 - Closed for SeasonClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed

*Bear Den (8 single) Running water with urinal and shower.
*Walleye Shack (6 single) Under Construction
*Skunk Hollow (4 single) Running water
*Northern Outback (4 single and 2 full) Running water with urinal and shower.
*Eagles Nest (4 single) Running water.

All cabins have hot and cold running water.  There is 5 new outhouses and separate shower house.