Come and join us at Bluffy Lake Lodge

Bluffy Lake Lodge is a fishing and hunting resort located on beautiful and secluded Bluffy Lake, twenty miles (32km) from Ear Falls Ontario.
Bluffy Lake features 30 miles (48km) of shoreline, fantastic northern and walleye fishing, and picturesque views.
The lake is largely unoccupied, with no public access. No need to fight for the best fishing spots!
You won`t be disappointed with the great bear, moose and grouse hunting!
The cabins have both modern and basic amenities to fit your needs.

A little about us


Bow or rifle, moose, bear or grouse – you’ll find the hunting experience of a lifetime. Oh – and the grouse are pretty tasty, too . . . Sightseeing in the Bluffy Lake area is fantastic! Bring your camera for pictures of wildlife, beautiful scenery, Indian pictographs & waterfalls.  


Bluffy Lake offers some of the finest Walleye and Northern Pike fishing in Canada. Looking for great fishing in a 30 mile long lake and river system, Bluffy Lake won't disappoint. We practice releasing all Walleye over 18 inches and all Northern Pike over 27 1/2 inches. This has helped our lake system produce great fish sizes. Bluffy Lake Lodge has had this policy for many years and customers are thrilled at catching the 20-30 inch Walleyes and the 35-40 inch Northern. Of course you can take home that trophy fish for mounting or better yet take measurements and have a replica made.


Situated on a small point projecting into Bluffy Lake, you’ll find 5 guest cabins of various sizes suitable for two to eight people. All of our cabins are equipped with electric fridges, propane stoves, and a full complement of kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and outdoor grills. Choose from fully modern or basic light housekeeping cabins.   Wireless Internet Available! Don’t worry about being crowded – our total capacity is 28 guests, you’ll find that you’ve got lots of elbow room. Our cabins have a large diesel generator that supplies the camp. Because of this no electric deep fat fryers, electric frying pans or skillets are to be used at Bluffy Lake Lodge. We do have LP deep fat fryers available.

Fish eating minnows at our dock.

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