Situated on a small point projecting into Bluffy Lake, you’ll find 5 guest cabins of various sizes suitable for two to eight people.  Our cabins have a large diesel generator that supplies the camp.  Because of this no electric deep fat fryers, electric frying pans or skillets are to be used at Bluffy Lake Lodge.  We do have LP deep fat fryers available.
Don’t worry about being crowded – our total capacity is 28 guests, you’ll find that you’ve got lots of elbow room.

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Cabin 1 (Old Moose Lodge) – Log Cabin (Office)
Cabin 2 (Bear Den) – 3 piece bathroom with composting toilet.
Cabin 3 (Walleye Shack) – going to fish cleaning building.
Cabin 4 By front dock – Loon Inn (under construction)
Cabin 5 (Skunk Hollow) – New re-construction
Cabin 6 – No longer in use.
Cabin 7 (Northern Outback) – Cabin towards back with its own dock and 3 piece bathroom with composting toilet.
K (Eagle’s Nest) – Keith’s former cabin.
F – Fish Cleaning Building


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