Christmas Newsletter

December 2017


Merry Christmas everyone,

Can’t believe that winter is here and we have been back in Minnesota for two months.  Another four months and spring will be upon us.

Thank you everyone for making our first year a successful, enjoyable year.  We learned and experienced a lot.

Here are a few of the highlights (and lowlights) for the year:

  • Our first weekend open, the Walleye Shack had an outdoor unattended grease fire with the deep fat fryer. Hint: when grease is hot, it burns a long time.
  • The busiest weeks (2nd and 3rd week) were the weeks with the most wind. Even knocked over the outhouse. But the fishing was great!
  • Even an inexperienced fishermen can catch a walleye and a northern pike with his first line in the water at Bluffy. He had a great time. His fishing partner had a 35″ northern follow his walleye into his boat without any assistance or hook/net.  What a slimy mess.  How do you catch a slippery, lively fish?
  • I learned what jigging was. Thanks Stephanie. Unbelievable!  My dad would have been impressed.
  • The first time out in the boat was a little overwhelming. Reminded me of the Mississippi River. When you get to know the islands and the lakes at Bluffy, it isn’t that hard.  That is what the map is for.
  • There is a trick to keeping minnows alive. Thanks to the pilots that dropped off our minnows for their advise. One of those wow highlights of Canada is minnows delivered by plane.
  • Those fish under the dock are viscous eaters and great entertainment. Great place for those dead minnows. They were some expensive fish.  Should have ate them.
  • Bears don’t like pop-up tents for bear hunting. It is a toy. So much for that tent.
  • The sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous at Bluffy Lake.
  • You can catch walleye on a calm or sunny day. I took a friend out by the green jug in July and caught our limit within an hour.
  • There are a lot of stories of Bluffy Lake Lodge. Love them all.
  • Dean made friends with Ear Falls landfill operator. I think he only missed a couple weeks. We did get through all the buildings except the generator building.
  • Me – falling off the ladder hurts and not good for the bones. I fell off the ladder of the beautiful storage building that Dean built. Non-displaced fracture of the tibia.  So much for fishing for 6 weeks. (lowlight) Thanks to all that shared their fish and blueberries with us. (highlight)
  1. I am healed and working out every day. (another highlight)
  • There is a lot of laundry and things to do. Great exercise and weight loss program. (without fracture leg)
  • We have four new ranges to go in the cabins in the spring.
  • Skunks show up when you least expect it on a rainy, chilly night. And leftover beer and vinegar removes the smell from dogs.
  • We named the cabins. See other side.
  • The fishing is great at Bluffy Lake.
  • Fantastic, amazing, fun loving people that come to Bluffy Lake Lodge.
  • There are many more highlights. Too many to mention.

Enclosed is a new brochure.  We made a few minor price changes.  The children under 16 are free all year except for two in a boat and eliminated 4 or more prices in cabin. I also updated the mailing list so if I missed anyone and they would like a letter and brochure, have them call or email us.  The old mailing list had 500 addresses.

Again thank you for making the year we won’t forget.  We have more plans for Bluffy Lake Lodge and hoping to get more done next year if we can find carpenters, a plumber, etc.

We appreciated you, your friendship and your business.  Hope to see you next year!  We will be at the UNI Dome Eastern Sport Show March 9-11.  The Des Moines Boat and Sport Show didn’t work out this year and had to cancel. Looking at more shows but haven’t made plans yet.

Have a great winter and a incredible, prosperous New Year.