Christmas Newsletter

Happy New Year 2020!

Hoping everyone enjoyed their Christmas with friends and family. We had a great family Christmas get together. We had our 1 year old great grandson here also. October 2018, his first two weeks of life was spent in the hospital with blood clots and seizures. His brain became rewired – I call him Baby Einstein. He is above normal in everything he does. He also brought Grandma the wonderful stomach flu. It was great to have almost everyone here.

Dean spent three days in the hospital for hernia surgery at Thanksgiving time (no turkey for Dean). Surgery was a little more detailed with multiple hernias repaired and old scar tissue removed. This was from his previous surgeries. He is getting lively again and will be ready for camp life in May. Dean didn’t shoot a deer this year. It was fun just to watch them. The 11 does and 1 young buck entertain us daily with their trips into our yard.

I have been busy taking care of Dean and the dogs. There is always that accounting stuff too. I am getting ready to embroider more hats and shirts, etc. Our Gordon Setter is having pups anytime so we will won’t be bored for two months. When we came back this fall, I was going to take a break for cooking and cleaning. Maybe I need vacation.

On to camp news. Our summer wouldn’t be complete without some improvements. Here is a partial list.
-Started re-construction of owner’s lodge – Loon Inn (Looney Bin). Hoping to finish it by mid-August 2020. Added on 12 feet to the length with new siding, windows, roof/floor supports, wiring and INSULATION.
– New flooring and dining set in the Bear Den.
– Skunk Hollow finished.
-Replaced more mattress in cabins.
-New range in the Eagles Nest. All the cabins have safe off grid ranges.
-Moved office to the Moose Lodge with gift area.
-New gray water systems started. This will be finished 2020. Requested by Environmental Service.
-New outhouses and holes in process.
-New metal roof on the generator building. The heart of the camp!

My mom said “I hope you are writing some of the camp happenings down”. “No mom! – I don’t have time.” Some of the things that happen are pretty funny or sometimes very interesting. Here are a few.
-If someone accidentally calls 911, the Canadian OPP come all hours of the early morning (4am) to check every cabin until the phone is found. They make sure everyone is safe. Very reassuring!
-Motor failure – it takes 9 hours oaring from the White Mud falls to big water of Bluffy-only 7 hours to go to camp. Dean, Nick and another boat found them at 10:30pm. Good thing for full moon and flashlights.
-Excellent fishing all year and even in the fall. Best fishing Jeff had in 30 some years in September!
-Cellphones at Bluffy receive tornado warnings. No tornado developed- but interesting weather. Ask the fishermen that were fighting the wind and WAVES. Just that one more fish before you call it quits.
-Our Canadian employee (Nick) was a lot of fun and was great help especially digging those new outhouse holes. Oh yeah, he enjoys to eat so I need to make more food than two older people eat. Did I say OLD?
-Advice from a customer, when docking the boat, don’t have a cellphone in your hand. Splish-Splash-Gone!
-I can teach my book club girlfriends how to fish and run a boat! It was a fun week of fishing/laughing.
-We still get that question. Why did you buy a camp at your age? Are we old??? We are well seasoned!

You will find the new brochure enclosed. The prices for Bear Den and Skunk Hollow changed some but prices for other cabins stayed the same. Again we are still learning. We love the camp life. Every day we try to take some time to enjoy the beautiful views. We have you to thank for making our life pleasurable (and sometimes laughable). Have a wonderful, safe New Year! See you soon. Don’t forget to send in deposit if you have reservations. Looking for vacancies go to – Price List – Availability

Your friends,
Donna and Dean

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