May the March Winds Blow

07 Mar

Personal Magnetism

Are you ready for a change form the darker days of winter? May the March winds help to blow out the cobwebs in your mind and spirit and bring you hope for new growth. The soil is beginning to come alive, and some of the trees are beginning to bud. It is time for hearts and souls to search out new direction. It is a call from nature to do some spiritual cleaning. Do you feel this challenge?

These past few months I have been doing a lot of reading about a particular kind of renewable energy, and guess what? It’s all free! There is growing evidence that an electromagnetic field surrounds and connects all of us.

When you went to school, do you remember the experiments that you did with magnets in science class? You learned what types of things were attracted to or repelled by the magnet. I never imagined then that it could affect our bodies too. They didn’t teach us that next step.

The electromagnetic field surrounding our body is called an aura. We can be drained or invigorated, and here’s how.

Depression, fear, anger, frustration, envy, sadness, grief, and worry, as well as an “I can’t do it” attitude, dim our auras and drain our energy. Often shallow breathing takes place when we are in this negative state, an we feel run-down and sometimes weak. Living with these traits on a continued basis can make our bodies vulnerable to illness.

On the other hand, happiness, hope, joy, dreams, laughter, reaching out to others, physical exercise, goal setting enthusiasm, and looking forward to the future make our auras strong and vibrant, and we seem radiant with good health and confidence.

You decide! Feel the exhilaration of deep breathing and inner positive power that can fill your mind, heart, and spirit with all the good that surrounds you. The question facing you is what do you want to attract? Make your list and concentrate on drawing those positive things into your life.

Make your aura shine! We have free will. We can program our journey as we move forward into spring. May you journey be one filled with the magnetism of positive power and love!

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