Great Fishing Week

25 May

Fishing has been great with walleye opener week. The Canadian and Iowa fishermen are leaving tomorrow morning. We appreciate the seasoned (not old-experienced) fishermen to help us figure out everything. Such as we don’t have to scoop out the boat after a rain. Thanks again guys for all the advise! The Iowans figured they caught about 85 fish a day. Both groups did a great job of catch and release. It is also very difficult to get the Northern to take home since there are many over the size but they did very well this trip. One of these days I will be able to get out there fishing. Dean and Adam got a boat ready for me. It has a pink seat with a electric start. Found enough lures and fishing equipment to make my own tackle box. I am ready!

My highlight of the week was the float plane dropping off minnows. That is what Canada is all about! Of course, Adam, our son, visiting for a few days pretty much compared to the plane. To sum it all up — it was a pretty awesome week!

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