The docks and boats are in

17 May

The docks and boats are in. Dean has been meeting great people in Ear Falls. Cam helped him get the boat motors on the boats and started them. Great to be young! Of course it all is in the mind – but sometimes the body says it differently. At least ours say it!

I had to do some paperwork and shopping done in Dryden today. I did get to see two moose on Highway 105. They are eating that great vegetation in the ditches and a super place to see them – in the ditch. That makes a total of three so far. They are such a superior animal. So far no bear but seen the three scats left on our road to Bluffy. Also saw a beautiful black-billed Magpie outside of Dryden.

We have been enjoying ourselves but never enough time in the day. So I guess we are just like other retirees – just don’t know where the day(s) go. So far haven’t missed television or presidential news.

If you haven’t made any plans for the summer, Bluffy is waiting for you!

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