The moose made the Pope & Young record book standards . . . A Canadian moose needs to score a minimum of 135  to make a book animal… Kelvin’s and mine scored 160 1/8. Haven’t sent it in for official registration but it would make it easily! Thanks again for a great hunt and good time! Hope as is well!

Have made a trip to Bluffy Lake every year since 1991. Am eighty-seven years old now and hope to make the trip for the next twenty one years. Have met some interesting people there over the years and the lodge personnel are great. Cabins and boats are neat and clean and fishing has been good most years. Have had some good shore lunches and Debbie’s cinnamon buns are outstanding. How good does it get?

Even if I had come to Bluffy Lake and not shot my first bear, or landed my first northern pike, or caught so many walleye that I couldn’t feel my arms, I would have still had the time of my life because of the hospitality that you two showed us while we were there! But since I did get to do all that, I can vouch that a trip to Bluffy Lake will always be an awesome time! In 8 years of filming Revive the Outdoors, Bluffy Lake was easily one of my favorite destinations. Y’all take care!

I have bear hunted with you twice, moose hunted once, brought my family fishing and sent a scout group up to fish and have always had a great time. You run a top-notch camp at a very fair price.  I hope to come again soon.

Bluffy Lake is the MOST AMAZING vacation ever!  EVERY time.  A fish on every cast, good friends, clean cabins, clean outhouses and plenty of wildlife!

Looking at this page makes me miss being there & really makes me miss YOU!!!

Good looking fish I think I will come up and stay the rest of the season WOW!!!